Seung Hae Yoo-Hess

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I am so happy to introduce myself to you as the pastor of Relief United Methodist Church. My name is Seung Hae Yoo-Hess and I have served the church since July, 2018. Before that, I served as pastor at Rockingham Court UMC in Roanoke, VA and prior to that at Providence/Trinity/ LaCrosse/ Sardis United Methodist churches in South Hill, VA.

I finished my master degree at Claremont School of Theology in CA and a doctoral degree at Candler School of Theology in Emory Graduate School in GA. Before I came to American in 2000, I finished a M.Div. degree at Chong-shin theological seminary in Korea.

I love to work with children and youth. I also love to listen to people’s life stories and share God’s love and care with them. I am so ready to go to people in need wherever they are. So my ministry has focused on care for “people of all ages”, providing pastoral care and counseling for individuals and families, hospital chaplaincy for patients and their families, and community services.

I have a devoted husband, Jeff who is also a pastor. We love walking, hiking, fishing and boating, and watching movies. We also love giving constructive criticism to each other regarding our sermons and ministries.

If you want to know me more or if you want me to pray for you and your family, I am here for you. Please contact me anytime:


  July 2020  
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